Open your heart

September 19th & 20th 2020

September 19th and 20th


Open your heart with yoga
Clear your mind through meditation
Inspire your being with wisdom
Awaken your soul with music

The Inner Peace Conference is a two-day event designed to reconnect people with the great wisdom traditions of the world. At the conference we gather internationally renowned teachers and speakers to share wisdom, talk about different philosophies, practice meditation and experience yoga, music and other contemplative practices. This way we open our hearts and clear our minds for inner peace.

This conference is meant for anyone interested in wisdom and techniques that can lead to inner peace. The three main themes for the conference are:

Expanding awareness
Experience and experiment with diverse meditative and contemplative practices.

Celebrating diversity
Creating space to listen and embrace ideas that deepen our individual and collective wisdom.

Creating connections
Establishing bonds of understanding and connection through dialogue and community.

Please join us for a life of Inner Peace.

Inner Spark Celebrating the empowered feminine

Get your tickets and come
celebrate together!
Friday 27th March at De Duif (postponed)

Sacred spaces

Practice in iconic churches and historic places.

De Duif

Est. 1857


Est. 1668


Est. 1872


2018 Inner Peace Conference
Amsterdam after movie

To get a good feel of the positive vibes at the conference in Amsterdam, watch the video about the 2018 edition.

Inner Peace Conference 2018
Inner Peace Conference 2018
Inner Peace Conference 2018

Photos of the
Inner Peace

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