3 tips to Inner Peace by Victoria Hyndman

When we discover that our mind is a tool, an instrument, and not who we are, we can start seeing things from a different perspective. We observe the state of the mind in the present moment, is it feeling dull, heavy or and lethargic? Is it feeling nervous, anxious or spacey? Is it feeling irritable, judgmental, angry? Or is it feeling tranquil, serene, awake and balanced?

By sitting for just a few minutes tuning into this and targeting this, we can re-balance the mind again to the midpoint of the scale to feel grounded yet awake. Light without ungrounded.

1.) Sit comfortably, close the eyes and observe the present mind-state as described above. If the mind feels dull, sleepy or lethargic, open the eyes looking slightly above eye level and start to breathe strongly rapidly (but still comfortably) in and out of the chest, filling and emptying the lungs fully for 10 rounds. Observe the after affect and repeat if necessary.

2.) If the mind feels irritable, judgement all or short-tempered, keep the eyes slightly open with a soft gaze and lift the corners of the mouth bringing a gentle subtle smile on the face like the beautiful Buddha smile we see on him. Breath easily gently in though the nostrils through the heart and into the mid-section of the torso and with a focus on a very slow and long exhale, bringing a sense of surrender and letting go. Do this 10 times and sit and observe the after effect. Repeat if necessary.

3.) If feeling ungrounded, spacey or nervous, sit and close the eyes. Bring the awareness down to the lower belly. Breathe slowly and fully in and down into the lower belly, hold the top of the inhale for a comfortable moment storing the breath at the root, exhale controlled and slow visualizing the prana going from your root down the legs filling the legs, the lower legs, the feet and down into the center of the earth. Do this ten times, very slow and controlled breathing. Sit and observe after and notice anymore groundedness in the mind.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.