Accenture x Inner Peace Conference

We’re happy to announce our partnership with

Accenture the Netherlands

With their Truly Human culture change, Accenture is placing the well-being of their employees at the core of their organization. With that intention in their hearts and the willingness to emphasize that even further, Accenture and the Inner Peace Conference are partnering on creating more inner peace via collaborative events and programs.

Accenture is a leading global services company providing a range of strategy, digital, technology and operational services. They operate in 120 countries and are based all over the globe, also in our very own Amsterdam.

As a digital company, they see how important it is for their employees to sometimes have a digital detox and to take their perspective inwards. Their insights in their own, sometimes unhealthy, digital habits will allow them to reignite the connection with themselves.


They know that too often:

  • People tend to be connected with work 24/7, but are disconnected from family and friends
  • People tend to see more often their screens, than they do the sky
  • People tend to recharge their devices on a daily basis, but rarely recharge themselves.

Accenture conducted extensive research on what is essential for people in order for them to be their best selves. They have found out that when someone is connected with their whole self, that that person tends to feel better, personally and professionally: happier, physically more energized, focused and therefore more productive and innovative. When there is awareness, the opportunity for culture change unlocks. Accenture knows this by heart, hence the company puts a lot of time and effort into inspiring its people, and not just with an occasional workshop. We were therefore delighted to see their 'Truly Human initiative" — a catalyst for making the needed change happen, in a structured manner. We also love the fact that it’s not just a local initiative; but that it’s a company-wide mission.

"While digital has opened a wealth of opportunities for us, we can’t ignore the stress and anxiety that looms large due to our “always-on” culture. Like most of us, I was spending a lot more time on my phone, juggling meetings and trying to meet the pressures of my day-to-day work.”

— Managing Director, Accenture


The people of Accenture are apparently very aware of the fact that working at a digital-enabled, relentless place can disturb the ability to sleep, eat right, exercise, take time off, enjoy and appreciate friends and family, and even to just think with clarity. That always being connected with work is neither in the best interest of the individuals, nor of the organization they are a part of.


"Inner Peace is a mental state, free of negative thoughts and emotions, with
internal strength, stability, and peacefulness regardless of external conditions.”

— Dalai Lama, 2012


Following this partnership, Accenture has incorporated the Inner Peace Conference into their Truly Human program. Their employees can enjoy the conference, their partners are invited to our Wisdom in Business side-event, and we are collaboratively setting up a workshop to bring inner peace. We are glad to hear that they truly embrace the importance of practicing inner peace, to a society living in peace!

With an open mind and willingness to reflect and investigate ourselves, we are co-creating a new reality together.


"When people are at their best,
Accenture is at its best.”

— Truly Human.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.