Atelier Sukha x Inner Peace Conference

Atelier Sukha

Fashion and interior with loads of ‘Joy of Life’ 

Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit. And that is exactly what we are about. Sukha is a place where beautiful things are conceived, developed and created. We stand for sustainable production and take great care in selecting unique items that are handmade from natural materials. Everything we do is done with a great deal of attention and consideration, always with a twinkle in our eye and with joy of life in abundance.

We are not about glitter and glamour, nor about bright colors or artificial materials. Only pure and natural elements grown locally following ecological principles are good enough. Whether you wear the warm woolen Cardigan Juul or you dose off on the cotton Chulto Island we invite you to relax and feel free. Just like Mother Nature makes you feel.


We like to inspire to enjoy life, here and now. Our label does not follow summer or winter; it is timeless and avoids the ‘rat race’ to produce a new collection every season. It’s simply not necessary, the designs are both clever and durable so you will use and cherish them for many years. The items are universal and love to join you while travelling, so take them with you wherever you go. The Scarf Jantine will keep you company on a plane, wrapped comfortable around your neck or will serve as warm blanket on a far away couch. Feels pretty good on a bicycle in Dutch weather too!


The home base of Atelier Sukha is our flagship store Sukha Amsterdam, right in the heart of downtown Amsterdam. Here you can feel Sukha’s ’Joy of Life’ at its best. So when you are around we welcome you for a cup of tea, have a go on our swing or relax on one of our poufs.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.