COCO-MAT x Inner Peace Conference


We all know that sleep can make us feel better, but its importance goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles. Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, blood pressure, weight, mind, and more. Getting enough sleep can definitely reduce levels of stress and help you to find your balance and inner peace.

"Sleep can easily reduce stress while increasing internal happiness."

Besides physical health, there’s a huge mental reason why anyone should give importance to sleep. Our mind cannot think clearly if they aren’t rested and has a great influence over our body. Therefore, a healthy body can only be attained with a healthy mind. That’s also why sleep and happiness are intertwined. If you had a good night’s sleep a big smile will appear on your face, it will help you to get productive during the day and to stay focused to reach your goal. You’ll become more happy with yourself and when your mind relaxes, you’ll experience better sleep… -  and that’s how this positive vicious circle starts and continues… 

Of course, eventually it’s a little bit of a chicken-and-egg story here, but...we know that getting enough sleep will lead you to better health, more inner peace and greater happiness, so it’s worth trying to get the proper amount of sleep as often as possible. All reasons to develop good sleep habits and to make sure you’re getting enough. 

Sleep on nature

At COCO-MAT we believe a happy, healthy and sustainable ‘way of life’ starts with good night sleep. Our love for life, Greek hospitality and positive energy is captured in everything we do, in everything we make. Our allnaturel sleeping products are characterized by a unique blend of natural materials to give you the perfect support to relax. All products are handmade in social workshops, from sustainable resources. #dreamandlivegreen #sleeponnature ‘Relax, unwind. Get into the COCO-MAT state of mind.’

Escape a moment from all the hustle and bustle. Walk in at the COCO-MAT store and experience an oasis of calmness. We offer you the perfect place to calm down and recharge. Stop by for a delicious cup of Greek mountain tea or feel free to take a powernap at one of our allnaturel COCO-MAT 'Powernap spots.' New energy, powered by nature.

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Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.