Diving into 2018 with Erica Jago

Designing 2018: the universe loves it when we map out our dreams. 

Transitioning to the new year is a time of reflection and refinement. A time to ask the bigger questions: Where could I grow and mature? What do I dare to become? 

Just prior to New Years Eve, join me for a practice of writing in your journal or on a piece of art paper one thing a day that you are shedding. Place that item in a bowl reserved for your New Year’s Eve Ritual.

I find this extremely helpful because once it is written and in the bowl then I don’t need to go over and over it again, exhausting myself even further. The process for change is simple : acknowledge, accept, release and then get back on the compassion train! We’ve got work to do :)

Each day write : 
I am shedding... (you fill in the blank).

Then be daring as you map out your 2018. Choose to 1) design an affirmation written in present tense, 2) draw a prompt, symbol or sign OR 3) cut out or print an image to glue on the cover of your journal to remind yourself of your superb future. 

On New Year's Eve take a moment to light a candle and reread what you are shedding and share with your loved ones your 2018 design. You can take the paper from the bowl and burn or bury it in the earth. End your ritual with the phrase. “And so it is.” Happy New Year! 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.