Nurture yourself with inner fuel

Especially during and right after a day filled with wisdom, inner work and inspiration we need food to nurture ourselves, to make it possible to process all that we learn and especially all that we unlearn. Whatever suits your body, take that to the conference! Hop to our food partners between sessions get your juice, jammie lunch and treat yourself with good food at dinner time.

We have got a partnership with Nel, situated next to the Amstelchurch and across De Duif, they made a very delicious menu. We've tried & tested it, it's really good! Check it out below. Or, you can enjoy special discounts at our food partners listed below. 

Choose for fuel that nurtures you!



SLA Amsterdam

SLA is an organic salad bar where you are guaranteed to walk out the door full of energy. The color on your plate equals a high nutritional value. At SLA you see variation and abundance in our seasonal salads, juices and soups. One by one green, healthy and delicious. 

Get 20% off on your total bill at SLA


The Cold Pressed Juicery

TCPJ makes the tastiest and healthiest raw food, cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies to go. Made with full attention and the best organic and locally grown ingredients.

Enjoy any 2 products and get a free shot from The Cold Pressed Juicery and enjoy 15% during the conference



The love for this vegan food concept started in Rotterdam and is now also happening in Amsterdam. They are also called 'The vegan food heaven.' Spirit is a modern buffet style restaurant with about fifty dishes to choose from, open from breakfast till dinner. You pay per weight. Situated at the corner the Czaar Peterstraat and the Cruquiuskade, they are a little bit off route but it's definitely worth going! Luckily you can enjoy the discount today, until October 13th. 

Get 20% off on your total bill at Spirit Amsterdam


The Meets

The Meets is a the healthy and delicious eatery and takeaway in the Pijp. Their dishes are lovingly made by hand from locally sourced, honest and, if possible, organic ingredients free from refined sugars, additives or other nasties. Delicious food that happens to be good for you, too. Have you eaten here before? Their food and sweets are mouthwatering! 

Get 20% off on your total order at The Meets



Peperwortel is a well-known, Amsterdam based, catering company, known for their international cuisine and good & fresh food. They are situated on the corner of the Overtoom and the Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat, near the Vondelkerk. It's very cosy and they have very nice vegetarian and vegan options!

Get 20% off on your total bill at Peperwortel


Meatless District

Located at the Bilderdijkstraat 65-67 HS, in the heart of the Old West area in Amsterdam and in the van Woustraat in the famous ‘de Pijp’ Area. Enjoy very tasty meatless food and enjoy their open kitchen where you can see their chefs prepare beautiful dishes, always freshly made and if possible organic and homemade. 100% vegan dishes and a welcome atmosphere.

Get 20% off on your total bill at Meatless district De Pijp (discount only available here at the van Woustraat)


The Dutch Weed Burger

Because our food is grown, not born, The Dutch Weed Burger brings the fun back in fundamentalism by serving guilt-free pleasures. They serve the best that the plant-based kingdom has to offer. All of their dishes are entirely plant-powered and enriched with seaweed and micro-algae from seaweed farm Zeewaar in the Dutch Oosterschelde. Interested to learn why they use seaweed? Learn about that here.

Get 20% off on your total order at The Dutch Weed Burger


VINNIES Amsterdam

VINNIES state to be your living room-away-from-home and it's true. We all love to come here, the staff is kind and they create a cosy atmosphere. Their food is delicious and nurturing! Simple, pure and healthy. They also, pay close attention to everything they do; they select every single element with utmost care, including our furniture.

Get  20% off on your total order at Vinnies Haarlemmerstraat & Scheldestraat


You can enjoy these perks with your ticket, and after the conference with your wristband. 
From September 13th until October 13th. 



Only during the Inner Peace Conference weekend

Brasserie Nel  

Located on a spacious square, the Amstelveld, at two of the historic canals, in between two Inner Peace Conference locations (The Amstelkerk and De Duif), NeL is a cosy laid-back café and restaurant where the waitresses are very friendly. Especially for Inner Peace they make an Inner Peace menu during the Inner Peace Conference weekend. 

We've tried & tested it and it was really good. Be careful, we ate all while it was actually way too much. 


Inner Peace soup
Full sweet potato-coconut soup with toppings of beetroot sprouts with herb oil and lemon zest. 
€ 6.50

Inner Peace Salad
Rich salad of carrot, fennel and roasted beet from the oven, spinach, and black rice with tempeh baked in tamarin and sambal and a dressing of olive oil, orange juice, orange and tahini. Topped with dill and pomegranate. 
€ 11.50

Inner Juice
A delicious juice of ginger, apple and yellow beet, 
Chioggia beet topped with honey cress.
€ 5.50

Choose any of these or all three for € 20


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.