How Karlijn found inner peace after a period of sombreness

The reason why Evelyn and I started our magazine Holistik about half a year ago is to make the world a better place – together with anyone who cares to join in. In order to make the world a bit better, you’ll have to start with yourself. I believe we can definitely make a change as individuals when we realise that we are part of a bigger picture. Coming from inner peace, we can eventually create world peace. 

How Karlijn found inner peace after a period of sombreness 

A short while ago, we started a collaboration with the Inner Peace Conference. We feel it’s great that, in accordance with our mission, a real conference around this theme will take place on the 1st and 2nd of October in Amsterdam. Around the world, an increasing number of people and organizations endeavour to bring more light into this world. What inner peace means to me? That I am the creator of my life and the source of my own happiness. I determine the amount of suffering I encounter and I am able to stop my suffering when I need to. This realization has given me a renewed sense of freedom. Sometimes I can have a dark day, I can cry my eyes out or become cooking mad… 
But that’s perfect. Splendid. Emotions make life exciting. The good thing is that the more conscious I become of the conditioned patterns of my reactions, the faster the storm settles and I can return to my place of inner peace.   

Beat the Ego

How did I do this? Practice, practice, practice! During my adolescence, I’ve been stuck in negative convictions about myself for years. Resulting in a deep depression and an eating disorder. When I was 18, I moved to Amsterdam and decided I didn’t want to have any of such trouble again. The choice was simple; either continuing my eating disorder (there was no one to keep an eye on me, so I could easily intensify my addictive eating drifts) or I could step out the victim role and make something of my life. I decided to go for the latter option. 

My ego (the source of sabotage in each of us - also referred to as the monster in Greek mythology or the Devil in the Bible) no longer had total control over me. 
My true voice, the loving voice of the heart or soul, as you will, became increasingly stronger. Whenever I feel myself slipping into negative thought, I take a yoga class, do some cooking or I surround myself with nature. But what helps me the most is an honest conversation with one of my dear friends. This is when I experience a deep connection and I feel heard. Superfoods for the soul! This is what takes away my sadness or anger. 

Last week I was at Nick Good’s Inner Beauty Retreat, where he taught me a trick: 
“If you feel your ego is taking over, slam your fists into a pillow. While you’re doing that, scream out loud: YES! This YES is meant for your true loving self. It’s about moving the energy.” Nick repeated that last phrase about a hundred times. In other words; step out of your circle of negative thought by making an unexpected move for your mind.

Inner peace at work

When you are working it’s also important to act out of inner peace. Especially in our field of work, where everything revolves around awareness, fun and making Holistik grand as a guide to the greater you. When you’re okay with who you are, you can make different decisions – more based on trust than on fear. When you have a clutter of unresolved emotional issues in your mind, your thoughts can swing all around in random directions. 

Evelyn and I work very intuitively and blindly trust our gut feeling. This is how we choose our contributors, our partners and how we engage into paid collaborations with brands that suit our goals. Ever since we work this way, the wind’s been in our backs. 
I believe that wind blows for everyone. If you can listen in silence to that wise voice within you, you’ll automatically uncover a path. And you won’t have to wait for long for a gush of wind to take you along to the destination of your dreams… 

Enjoy the ride!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.