How sacred intimacy can heal the world

Sexuality is a powerful force in our lives. But the depth of sex is mostly covered by confusion, emotional pain and lack of connection. Our sexual desires have long been repressed by guilt or indulged in hedonism. We can explore this sacred bliss as a wonderful way to connect to our wisdom and move beyond the bounds of dualism.

Sexuality as the pinnacle of spiritual practice
In the yogic traditions of India, Tibet and China, sacred sexuality is seen as the pinnacle of spiritual practice. The Sacred union of two beings in the yoga of bliss is considered to be a path to awaken wisdom, peace and bliss. Isn't it amazing that after all these centuries of repression of sexuality that there are spiritual traditions that see this as the best way to do your yoga practice!

"Love is not an emotion,
it is your very existence.”

— Rumi

Awakening sex in a healthy way
Awakening and opening to sacred sex have always been important to me. I can see how much confusion and frustration surrounds this and how to integrate sex into our lives in a healthy way. I have seen so many people benefit by waking up this inner bliss by connecting to the subtle currents of energy in the body. Most of the practices I teach are focused on the energetic aspect in all levels. Of course, sexuality is energy and if you can open up the flows of energy in your sacred body, then your sexuality becomes more subtle and blissful and an inner awakening starts to unfold in a spontaneous way.

Opening the flows of energy
I call the healing yoga that I teach "Sahaja healing yoga" because Sahaja is a world that means spontaneous or natural in Sanskrit. This yoga is specifically for opening the flows of energy in the body and is intimately connected to our sexual energy sometimes called the "kundalini" in a natural way without force. Anybody can practice to awaken their sacred bliss body, you don't have to be young and flexible to practice. I hope that people will come to see the amazing potential sex has as a transforming force in our lives. Helping all of us to become blissful and awake - resulting in living in harmony with each other. 




Sahaj's workshops during the Inner Peace Conference

Tibetan Healing Yoga, Nejang
Awakening the Sacred Body

The profound healing yoga called "Nejang" is a set of 24 movements and breathing practices from traditional Tibetan medicine. Available to anyone, regardless of their strength or flexibility level, and the effects are profound. A gift to humanity to move out of suffering.

Sahaja Healing Yoga
Profound inner practices for Inner Peace

The gentle practices in this class are coming from Tibetan, Indian and Chinese yoga systems, they are not complex, but have a deep effect on the Body, Energy and Mind. Sahaja healing yoga is a synthesis of heart essence practices from profound yogic methods that are easy to do and learn.   

Together with Satya

Svadharma Yoga
Your own authentic path to peace

Not one person is the same, yet we all long for peace and happiness. Each person must find their own yoga to find these states. The word Svadharma means "ones own true path". Our yoga practice, whatever brings us back to truth, is our unique Svadharma Yoga. 

Sacred Intimacy
Love as a flower of self-realization

Sexuality is an expression of the deepest intimacy, a physical, energetic and spiritual union of two beings. However, these days there is much confusion about intimate relationships. How can we bring love and awareness into our relationships as a living flame of openness, joy and connection? 


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.