Inner Peace as Today's Game Changer

Inner peace as today's game changer 

The stress-level among people worldwide has never been this high and there’s one crucial thing missing: inner peace.

Despite all of our wealth and freedom, we are experiencing more stress, unrest and discontent. We have unlimited possibilities, which bring all kinds of expectations, and because anything is possible, we expect more and more of ourselves. At the same time we’re confronted with heavy social conflicts, and to top it all, due to this age of information we are constantly overexposed. All of this combined, forms the recipe for a record amount of burnouts - at an increasingly early age. We are used to search for external solutions. However; the sustainable solution comes from within.

That’s why we’re organising the world’s first Inner Peace Conference.

Co-founder Wessel Paternotte says ''by getting back in contact with your inner source, you experience both inner peace and strength. From this point you are not only able to create effortlessly, but also in harmony with your environment and nature.''

The Conference takes place on October 1st and 2nd in Amsterdam. The weekend will consist of yoga, meditation, wisdom and live music. There is an inspiring diverse program that includes lectures, workshops and concerts, divided over four beautiful Amsterdam churches and the historic stock exchange building: Beurs van Berlage. 

The conference is intended for anyone who wants to delve into wisdom, traditions and techniques that lead to inner peace. On Saturday the emphasis lies on finding and recognizing inner peace. Trough yoga, meditation and wisdom techniques you learn to turn inward (Yin). On Sunday you there is more attention on how to convert your inner peace to action (Yang) and to integrate this in your daily life.

Originally, yoga and meditation are means to experience peace and clarity, by getting back in touch with yourself. Nowadays we are often distanced from this peaceful part of ourselves, whilst it is of great importance to stay in contact with your inner self. 

Under the increasing pressure of the social and digital world, we can choose to let our lives be led by fear and stress, or by peace and love. Let’s choose for peace and love, thus co-founder Maarten van Huijstee.

You have a choice, we all have.
Let’s choose love over fear and peace over stress.

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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.