Energy Clearer Juno Burger

We interviewed Juno Burger
An experienced energy clearer, professional life-embracer and speaker at the conference

As a young child Juno was already aware of subtle energies in and around him. Not having the context or education to successfully deal with this input he closed down as a survival strategy and detoured his life on a path of unsatisfactory career making in advertising. In his late twenties he started studying different forms of personal healing and energy work.  Later on he came to see that including the subtle energies of spaces people live and work in is a fundamental step in restoring balance and harmony. For the past 20 year Juno has explored the world of subtle energies in people and the spaces they inhabit, specializing in the energetics of the compassionate heart.

We organized this conference because we see that people are stressed and restless and we believe that inner peace is the solution. You say that stress happens because we hold tension in our body. How does your work help people with this?
Creating and holding on to stress in the body is the result of how you deal with Life. By ongoing identification with phenomena in and around yourself you create or perpetuate a polarised charge that the body stores as stress. It is like an infection, charge in the body is toxic. These energetic charges get triggered throughout the day as a reminder from Life making you aware of how you have been conditioned to respond to a person, space or situation. 

Most of these charges revolve around fear, shame, guilt and anger. These aspects reside in the shadow, they have often been in the dark for long. A clearing allows those aspects to come out of the shadow and into the light. That alone is already a big part of the healing process because keeping a polarised charge contained and hidden requires a huge amount of energy. When that charge is then met with compassion, the tension is being released and your system is given the opportunity to relax, heal and recover.

As a clearer you must come across all kinds of energy, how do you maintain your own inner peace?
By consciously connecting to all that is for the past 20 years on a daily basis I have exposed myself to a huge range of frequencies coming from people, places and situations. This consequent training to allow these energies in and embrace them with compassion lead to a transparency whereby Life can be felt with great intensity but nothing gets stuck. So in the clearing there is often a huge amount of information being processed in a very short time, but I don’t hold on to it.

How does our individual inner peace affect the bigger collective?
When there is charge in or around you that charge will always be seeking for a way out, for an opportunity to discharge. Your compassionate heart is the very place in you where this happens. When you connect to Life and embrace what is, you allow charge to collapse in a place in the heart where conflict cannot exist. This has been described in the old Veda’s as ‘the tiny space in the heart’. And not only do you discharge old stress, that stress is also transmuted in the heart, meaning it gets raised in frequency, becoming Love once again. The direct benefit for you is that you let go of old limiting beliefs and patterns and that you learn your system to deal in a much more aware way with what Life presents to you. By deconstructing your polarised consciousness, you are less or no longer involved in creating or perpetuating conflict which only comes out of polarisation. And not only do you no longer add fuel to the fire, you are available to allow others and spaces around you to release charge in your presence, simply by being there with awareness and compassion.

Approaching life from the compassionate heart will allow you to free flow with life, you say. We all know the mind can be a flow-stopper… How do you train a compassionate heart?
The mind in itself is not the flow-stopper, however the continuous identification with what goes on in the mind is what creates issues. When we embrace mind, how it works and its unique dynamics it becomes functional and serving once again. By consciously connecting to all facets of Life you can rediscover that your body is feeding back to you how you have been conditioned to deal with what presents in your awareness. By noticing that feedback and letting it be, with equanimity, you train the compassionate heart to embrace. The result of this practice is that Life will let go of you, rather than that you would have to let go of anything…

How do we differentiate that what comes from the mind and from the heart? 
Trying to locate where anything comes from is a sneaky strategy from the seeker in you to take you by the hand and lead you away from what is. If you ask yourself why, where, when, what or who (or all at the same time), you may realise that this is the domain of the seeker, constantly on the lookout for answers in the past or the future. That seeking game creates the charge you suffer from through ongoing identifying with phenomena, trying to understand and fix them. That charges leads to contraction and stagnation which you may experience as non-flow, imbalance or disease. The heart however realises that Life is as it appears to be in every single moment, without beginning or end, purpose or consequence. Once that is seen and felt, Life is rich, intense and free flowing, never stagnant, creative and alive!

Join Juno at the Inner Peace Conference on Saturday and learn how you can enjoy the Delight of Being; Let it be! 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.