Healer, Yoga, Meditation and Pranic Healing teacher, Writer and Poet Deborah Anne Quibell.

Deborah Anne Quibell is not only a healer, teacher in yoga, meditation and Pranic Healing, but also a professional writer, columnist and poet. In her creative life, she lives for moments of captivation and pursues the wisdom and language of the heart. It shines through this interview, so you’ll find out soon enough. Enjoy!


Let’s pretend that we’re thoroughly unfamiliar with contemporary spiritual vocabularies. How would you describe your teaching to us?

I believe that truth is universal, and that it is inclusive rather than exclusive. I try to teach in ways that dissolve division and allow for true, personal, and spiritual experience. Always with a dash of humour and a gentle reminder not to take all of this “spiritual stuff” so seriously.

I do not believe in teaching anything, but touching upon truths that already lie within us all. I see myself as a fellow seeker, who loves to explore mysticism, spirituality, and the wisdom of the heart with other seekers on this same path.


Was there a turning point in your life when you felt you connected to your inner peace?

I remember a moment when I was very young (and untarnished) in high-school during a class called “Prayer and Meditation.” Yes, indeed, such a class existed. Somehow a mystic snuck his way into a Catholic high school, and managed to inspire young, malleable hearts with teachings about turning within, the mysteries, and practices of contemplation.

During one afternoon class, he took us outside to commune with Nature. It was Autumn, the air was cool but not yet cold, and the trees were changing color. Before breaking the confines of the classroom walls, he didn’t fill our heads with facts about why leaves change color in Autumn, putting us to sleep with explanations of carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, and photosynthesis. He simply took us outside to lay on the ground underneath a yellow tree. I wondered, for a brief moment, what this mad man was up to.That’s it? Just lay here? Underneath this tree? Really?,” I thought to myself.

It didn’t take long, however, before I noticed how much I liked the feel of the soft grass beneath my body and the cool Autumn breeze, perfectly mixed with the sun, on my skin. Something automatically softened within me. My gaze, barely focused, rested on the yellow leaves, and I felt my heart begin to swell and a tangible sense of peace rise up from deep within me.

I melted into the molecules around me, barely aware of my body. I felt the ground holding me, and I wondered, for a brief second, if my eyes, like the leaves of the tree, would also change to yellow. I secretly hoped they would.

I remember feeling in this moment that the peace we feel within is mirrored back to us in the world all around us.

Perhaps, I first began to understand that how we feel inside is how we see the world. 


What does inner peace mean to you?

Inner peace, to me, comes with a deep, deep sense (and practice) of allowance and acceptance. I do not believe we are supposed to define inner peace, but rather to get curious, ask difficult questions, follow them, and experience it for ourselves.

I wrote this poem about peace after a beautiful conversation last year with Katiza Satya. And would like to share it here.


What is peace ?

My love, it is not about answering that question,

But following it.

There are holy crumbs

for you to trace

To a pond

Deep within.

This pond is glistening blue

And still

Among the frenetic winds

Of time and change.

The waters are pure

And unpolluted.

And as you dip

Even the tip of your finger

Into its warmth

It will spread

Up your arms

And to your heart.

Until everything within and around you

while physically the same

Is now glowing

and nestled

perfectly into place.


How can we recognize being connected to our inner peace?

You can stand in the middle of a storm, and not panic.

You begin to notice, more consciously, goodness and beauty all around you, and hold a deep longing and desire to contribute to that goodness and beauty in whatever ways you can.


Do you think inner peace influences outer peace? If yes, in what way? If no, why not?

Absolutely. As we become more peaceful, internally, our actions in the world cannot help but reflect that. 

There is a phrase from the Bhagavad Gita, which has become somewhat of a personal mantra for me.

It is : Yogastah Kuru Karmani.

It means, “Established in Being, Perform Action.”

In other words, our first task is to become deeply established in our true field of Being which is peaceful, kind, and loving. Then, we perform action in the world, and this guarantees that our actions will reflect and bring out the peace that is already established deep within.

I would like to share another poem here, which captures the interconnectivity of peace—how inner peace is not cultivated for our own inner growth but for our collective consciousness:


You belong to a clan.

You are not destined solely

for individual greatness.

Your greatness is destined

for collective elevation

Don't you see, my love?

Inner Peace wants out.

It can't stay trapped inside.

The world is begging to know you

It lays awake, exhausted

and waiting

for the cradle

of your kindness.


What would you advice people as a practical tool to (re)connect to their inner? What is your tip to find inner peace?

I believe we often block ourselves from experiencing inner peace. It is not something to attain, but rather something that lies deep within us, and is simply stuck underneath our own inner clutter. So we have to “empty out” what no longer serves us, what blocks us from experiencing our peaceful nature. And this is not always easy work.

So one tip is to practice purification and character building. To look, deeply, at what blocks us (is it anger? doubt? fear? trauma?) from experiencing peace, and to work consistently and consciously to remove those blockages and allow the peaceful divinity within to reveal itself in our lives more and more.



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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.