Musician, writer and meditation teacher Tijn Touber

We interviewed Tijn Touber, a musician, writer and meditation teacher.

Tijn Touber is a musician, writer and meditation teacher. He is the founder of the Dutch band Lois Lane. Their debut album reaches the first place in the charts and he sold more than 100.000 CD’s. 

After this adventure in the world of music, living as a pop star, he started focusing on developing his consciousness and lived as a yogi in Amsterdam for 14 years, that was the end of his pop star lifestyle. After these years Tijn learned how to bring spirituality to life and into practice in his daily life. He has been teaching meditation for over 25 years now and founded the Cities of Light (Dutch: Stadsverlichting) meditation network in Holland.

Let’s pretend that we’re thoroughly unfamiliar with contemporary spiritual vocabularies. How would you describe your teaching to us?
I have travelled the world to search for the best techniques to silence the mind, balance emotions and vitalise the body. When the mind becomes still, emotions are processed properly and the body is relaxed our system becomes aligned. There is no resistence to life. Life is fully lived and experienced. Inspiration, flow and harmony are the result. My job is to help people get in touch with this inspiration flow, so that they can access this in their every day life. 

Was there a turning point in your life when you felt you connected to your inner peace?
When I first meditated in 1987 I had an experience of inner peace. I was looking for peace because I was leading a busy life. Touring with my band, recording and writing songs and pretending to be a pop star resulted in a pretty busy schedule and a pretty busy mind. I lost touch with myself and with my inspiration flow. When I became silent, eveything fell into place again. I experienced inner peace and got access to inspiration. I heard beautiful songs again. 

What does inner peace mean to you? 
It is the basis of my life. 

How can we recognize being connected to our inner peace? 
No stress, no fear. 

Do you think inner peace influences outer peace? If yes, in what way? If no, why not?
There is quite a lot of scientific research showing that inner peace helps create outer peace. This is not surprising. When people are relaxed and at peace with themselves and others, they create another kind of reality. Decisions on political, economic, ecological and other issues will automatically be colored by our inner state and thus be different. As time goes by we automatically create a society based on values that emerge from our feelings of peace. Personally I think this is the solution to all of our problems. More rules, regulations or conferences won't help us create peace on earth when there is no inner peace to back it up. When, on the other hand, there is inner peace, then we don't need rules, regulations or conferences. It just happens. No sweat. 

What would you advice people as a practical tool to (re)connect to their inner peace? What is your tip to find inner peace? 
Breathe and smile. 


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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.