Yoga Teacher Skadi van Paasschen

We interviewed yoga teacher Skadi van Paasschen

Skadi’s purpose is to really help people, that’s why she also wrote a book called ‘’Yoga Geeft Ruimte’’ (Yoga Gives Space). She treats students with chronic pain, anxiety and depression and helps them to lead a more stable and centered life.

Let’s pretend that we’re thoroughly unfamiliar with contemporary spiritual vocabularies. How would you describe your teaching to us?
My teachings are authentic and come from the deepest cells of my body. I’ve been studying the human body already since I was 18 years old and have been practicing gymnastics from the age of 14. All of this created the solid base for teaching yoga. When I turned 30 I became more interested in the mind and heart, and my knowledge grew. These days I’m studying the yin yang philosophy more and more and also apply this in my teachings. 

Was there a turning point in your life when you felt you connected to your inner peace? 
Yes,  I think I was practicing Astanga yoga for 1 year when I had an important meeting in which I had to talk to clients, so I spoke in front of a group and noticed I wasn’t nervous; but calm, and I felt confident. 


What does inner peace mean to you? 
To be calm in the mind not having voices in my head and no anxiousness in my belly. Doing things with a flow, actually being the flow itself. 


When do you experience Inner peace? And when do you loose that inner peace?  
I experience inner peace when I take good care of my self by eating healthy food, sleeping well and of course by doing yoga and meditation every day. I notice that I start loosing it when I do less of the above; so for example drinking alcohol, coffee, eating sugar, doing less meditation and yoga etc. are all things that make me loose connection. 


What would you advice people as a practical tool to (re)connect to their inner? What is your tip to find inner peace? 
To connect with themselves everyday by looking in and asking their selves ‘What do I need to feel good?’. And of course doing yoga, with deep belly breathing. 


Do you think inner peace influences outer peace? If yes, in what way? If no, why not?
Yes of course. On a small scale: people already say they become relaxed of my presence. 


Do you have a ritual?
Yes I have many rituals. The one I start my day with is using a neti pot with water, this makes me feel calm and gives me a nice start of my meditation and yoga practice. 


As a little extra I have a question and tip to all visitors of the conference: Do you have a place in Amsterdam where you always feel peaceful?
For me it is the street under the Rijksmuseum, there I always feel so calm and protected.. Go feel for yourselfâ˜ș


Join Skadi van Paasschen at the Inner Peace Conference on Saturday in her ‘Back to the Source’ yoga class – if you’re new to yoga, give it a try: yoga gives space!

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Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.