Supermoon in Virgo

Today, the moon is as close to the earth as it gets this year. If we can see that? The difference is not really visible for our eyes but most probably you can feel it...
Do you feel an extra drive? Or do you feel stuck? Or maybe both? This moon gives us the potential to make significant improvements in our lives and motivates us to work with the vast Divine Feminine energy. 

It’s the time to:
1. Give appreciation and respect to the millions of people who perform the less glamorous tasks of society, who work hard to develop valuable skills to realize our dreams patiently. And beautifully: giving appreciation will harmonize your heart and brain.
2. Focus on selfless service. The group awareness will express through Divine service.
3. Reflect on your job. Are you happy with what you do? Does your job connect you to the spiritual underpinnings of your life? See if you can find meaning in your life-work.
4. Up your skillset to be of service to the world. The Feminine Energy asks us to care for ourselves, each other and our planet.
5. Allow yourself to learn lessons of significant form and seeing life situations as a whole of the experience - discover their meaning by distinguishing their most characteristic features. 
6. Tweak your health habits to make life run more smoothly. 
7. Swim with the tide instead of against it. Trust your instincts.

Do you feel stuck?

This is normal as the Supermoon asks us to make changes in our life. The more we try to manifest heaven on Earth or the more stuck we get on the ideal, the greater our feeling becomes that everything is one big mess. It isn’t a mess, it’s just life, which is perfect as it is. We need to ebb and flow like the ocean and trust that we can adjust to whatever life brings. The key: work more on intuition than on facts, using your feminine energy. If we do get stuck, the best thing to do is to let things Be and let the Divine instead of stressing. Work with what you can, leave the rest. And take conscious actions. Do things that will really uplift your inner state, like doing nothing when you're always busy or trying to stick to one practice for 28 days. Take advantage of this Supermoon! 


What can we see?

  • If you look outside tonight – assuming your sky is clear – you might be able to discern with your eye that the landscape is more brightly lit than usual by moonlight.

  • Supermoons are substantially brighter than ordinary full moons, so expect a super bright moon. Let's hope the sky is clear!

  • Are you going for a walk on the beach tomorrow or the day after? The supermoon’s gravity creates higher-than-usual tides, which tend to come a day or two after the full moon.


Supermoon Tickets

Because the Supermoon makes it easier to reset our health, we offer limited Supermoon Tickets. So, although October is still far away, the time to plan is now. 
Tickets are available for only 24-hours: from February 19,   2019   at 16.00 CET until February 20, 2019. 16.00 CET. Go get them here.


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.