The path of Karlijn Visser

At which particular event do you definitely want to be present?
Since Holistik is the IPC’s media partner, I’ve been lucky to interview some of the teachers. Each one of them had a great story. One of them was Rolandjan van Mulligen. 
I guess his Yin Yoga Journey at the Vondelkerk will be very special, since it’s musically supported by cello and han. These instruments combined create some sort of heavenly sound and seem to work on a meditative level, Rolandjan told me. Count me in!

What’s your first stop on your path to inner peace?
Saturday at 11.00 Juno Burger’s 'The Delight of Being'. A few months ago, Juno cleared my house and I thought it’d be super interesting to hear more about his way of working with energy. His workshop at the IPC is about a place in our hearts, the compassionate heart, where transformation can take place and where no duality exists. Only the endless flow of life.

With which workshop, yoga class or concert will you conclude the IPC?
With Kareem Raihani’s performance at the Posthoornkerk. I’ll bet the roof will come off during this 'Divine Dance Celebration'. Dancing is freeing and the conscious dance scene is growing and growing.

I am most curious about...
…the 'Active Flow' on the 2nd of October with Erica Jago at 17.30. I have her beautiful book at home on my coffee table and regularly practice her yoga teachings via The House of Yoga.

For me, the IPC is successful if...
…If we can reach as many people as possible about the theme awareness. This is a weekend meant to experience consciousness, practice inner peace, having fun and learning by trial and error. Every individual as part of the bigger plan can make a difference by creating a more beautiful world with a little more light. 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.