The Path of Lisanne Buik

The Path of Lisanne Buik

Lisanne Buik, founder of VanChefs, shared her path to inner peace on Sunday. In this interview she explains why she chooses this path.

At which particular event do you definitely want to be present?
Tsa Lung: Tibetan Yogic Breath Practice, the door to your hidden power at De Beurs van Berlage at 11:00. Oh breath, our key to happiness!

What’s your first stop on your path to inner peace?
I’m starting on Sunday with Aadil Palkhivala’s meditation “Finding Your Inner Light” at de Posthoorn church at 9:00. 

With which workshop, yoga class or concert will you conclude the IPC?
The World Peace Meditation at de Beurs van Berlage at 19:30. How powerful to seal these days with a high vibration living through us, and creating a peaceful sentiment to embrace us all!

I am most curious about...
I am most curious about Hector Ramos’ Energy Work at 15:30 in De Duif. Since I realized that the secret of happiness and pure manifestation is in me, I am also doing energy reading myself. And the deeper I dare to dive into myself, the more I can feel on an energetic level, increasing my ability to decide what’s the right thing to do in the moment. 

For me, the IPC is successful if...
If there is openness, when synchronicity streams en when I meet special people to share my experiences with. Everything I learn from these sessions can only bring about more good things into the world.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.