The path of Nina Pierson

The path of Nina Pierson

Nina Pierson, founder of Sla, shares her plans for the Inner Peace Conference.

At which particular event do you definitely want to be present?
I am very curious about Eddie Stern. He is Madonna’s yoga teacher and that makes me very curious. Paul Dallaghan is also high on my list. They are international teachers, and you don’t often get the chance to follow a class with them, so when an opportunity like this comes along, I’m there. 

What’s your first stop on your path to inner peace?
I will start the IPC on Saturday at 11:00 with one of my must do's; a class with Paul Gallaghan. He will offer a combination of meditation, pranayama and yoga so this feels like the most complete start for me. 

With which workshop, yoga class or concert will you conclude the IPC?
I’ve tried to compose a variable program for myself. I like to fill my days with a balanced mix of meditation, yoga, pranayama and wisdom. The perfect way to conclude my IPC experience will be the Divine Dance Celebration with Kareem Raihani. For some reason I often encounter dance lately. There’s nothing better than dancing without holding back – it’s almost therapeutic. After a day turning inwards it must be exhilarating to turn things outward. 

I am most curious about...
…Ayurveda: the story of your life - because I’ve been curious about this ancient tradition for ages. I guess it should be quite easy to incorporate Ayurveda into your daily life with just a few measures. 

For me, the IPC is successful if...
For me, the IPC is the perfect start to continue my spiritual journey. After giving birth and the first months as a mother, I’ve had less time for yoga and meditation. And that’s okay, but now that I’ve got some more time for this, I can’t wait to get back on track with the IPC. 

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.