The path of Willa Stoutenbeek


Although I would love to start my day off with Tijn Touber’s ‘The Art of Meditation’ (one of my favorite guided meditation workshops, but I’ve already done that 3 times), I decided to start with a Pranayama meditation at 9:30h by the renowned Eddie Stern at the Posthoorn Kerk.

Followed by The Delight of Being by Juno Burger at 11:00h, which is part of the Wisdom program.

At 13:30h I will join Hector Ramos (the Philippines) for the Twin Hearts Meditation. There are only eight Master Pranic Healers in the world, and Hector is one of them.

After a beginning of meditation and wisdom, time for some action! Because the ultimate inner peace is found when mind, body and soul align and find balance. J I chose Healing Yoga with Kevin Sahaj at the iconic Beurs van Berlage at 15:30h.

At 17:30h it’s time for some Inner Space & Peace (at the Posthoorn Kerk) with Paul Dallaghan, who lived in Thailand for many years. Paul has also been involved in Buddhist culture and practices. He is completing his PhD in Biological Anthropology at Emory University, Atlanta, USA, conducting research on yoga as an inner practice and its subsequent effects and roots as a tradition.

Finishing my first day at 19:30h  will be with Inner Peace at the beautiful church de Duif hosted by Tulku Lobsang Rinoche. Born in Amdo, Tibet and deeply rooted in the Tibetan Tantrayana Buddhist and Bön traditions, today he travels the world sharing his profound healing wisdom.


On Sunday I will start the day at 9:00h with Everyday Awareness – by Kimberly Poppe at the Posthoornkerk.

At 11:00h I’ll take a moment for myself. :)

Very much looking forward to Tribal Vinyasa by the amazing Afke Reijenga at 13:30h at the Vondelkerk.

In the afternoon it’s time for some food insights by Kyra de Vreeze (who stole my heart when I met her several years ago, what a kind wise soul!). Really excited for her 15:30h Simply Daytox session at the Amstelkerk.

At 17:30h it’s time for some music. Heard and read nothing but good things about Joep Beving and his Solipsism. Performance at the beautiful De Duif

At 19:30h we will all unite for spreading positive vibes at the World Peace Meditation session Tijn Touber the Beurs van Berlage. I love Tijn’s pragmatic approach to spirituality and I am already quite excited about being part this Mediation to close the weekend!

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.