Walk with Monique Jansse

About 10 years ago Monique, mother of 2 sons, decided to bring her passion for yoga, spirituality, travel and writing together. She founded Happy Soul Travel, an agency specialized in retreats worldwide. This year another dream came true when she got the opportunity -together with like-minded entrepreneurs- to transform the historic domain “De Hoorneboeg” into an amazing estate to inspire your body & mind. This estate consists of two farmhouses that serve as a retreat & team-session location, an old library that is now a location for trainings on personal development, an old villa that will host cultural events and a historic gardener’s house which will soon become a vegetarian restaurant. Just a stone throw away from all major cities, yet in the middle of nature.



Wisdom in Business
"This day totally appeals to me. At present, I am involved in 2 businesses at the same time, which is quite challenging. People always think that because I work in the field of yoga, travel and retreats I will probably have a very relaxed job. But like many other people, I also deal with overflowing diaries, email-boxes and unfriendly workloads. How to keep a quiet, focused mind and run my business in a meaningful, wise way? Wisdom in Business, here I come!" 



The Secret to Finding Your Life Purpose // Hector Ramos
09:00 – 10:30, De Duif
"Hector’s teaching made a big impression on me at the last IPC. He is a very wise man, and shares this wisdom with a great dose of humor (love that!). If there is one theme that appeals to me, it is finding your life purpose. This is the essence of life and it can take a lifetime to find out what our true purpose is. If Hector has a secret how to discover it quicker, I’m in!"  

Ceremony // Ida Resi Alit
11:00 – 12:30, De Duif 
"I visited Katiza and Sahaj on Bali and they introduced me to this miraculous woman. Her life story is unheard of and attending her ceremony there was one I will never ever forget. I could not believe that she actually is travelling now and even coming to the IPC. Really looking forward to seeing her again!"

Awakening, an elemental Ceremony //  Aunty Ivy
13:30 – 14:30, Amstelkerk
"Reading about this woman in the announcement of IPC already made me block my diary for this weekend. I have the feeling that this woman (grandmother!) has so much ancient wisdom to share, and I simply want to dive into it. I feel that sometimes I am so cut of from nature and the elements, living in a city like Amsterdam. Here I hope to find inspiration on how to find a way of connecting to nature in a busy city life."

Embodying of feminine wisdom // Lama Tsultrim, Scilla, Ida Resi & Satya
16.00 – 17.30, Amstelkerk
"What a wonderful session to close of the IPC! Four beautiful women talking about the embodiment of feminine wisdom and how to balance it with the power of the masculine. A topic that I so much struggle with as a woman: how can I manifest all the things I do and at the same time cherish my feminine side? I am looking forward tohearing what these “power women” have to share on this topic."

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.