Pauline Egge of Petite Passport shares her Path to Inner Peace

Pauline is the founder of the beautiful guide "Petite Passport". Don't know this guide yet? Be sure to check it out! Her love for design, people, and hotspots results in great choices. Not the ones you will find in every guidebook, but the more special ones. On her blog, she collects all the nicest design places on earth. And yay Delight and our retreats at Mandali are also listed by the talented Pauline. She does this to motivate people to travel the world, now we together inspire you to travel to your inner world.


Ganesh Puja // Edie Stern
9.00 - 10.00, Zuiderkerk
"Because it is the beginning of the IPC and this session represents a new beginning. I have always felt attracted to what Ganesh stands for: new beginnings, courage and wisdom to look at the obstacles in your life."

Radically Happy // Phakchock Rinpoche and Erric Solomon
12.30 - 13.30, Vondelkerk
"The term ‘radically happy’ appeals to me very much. Who doesn't want that? I am curious about the Buddhist view on happiness and hope to gain insights about how they describe it so beautifully: 'Get to know your own mind and discover how a slight but radical shift can transform your life’."

There is no App for Happiness // Max Storm
15.00 - 16.30, De Duif
"A continuous distraction of a to-do list, social media, mail, etc., result in the fact that I mainly live in my rational brain during the day. On the one hand, it's nice because I get things done. On the other hand, I notice that in the evening or at the weekend, when there is no more work to be done, I check my mail and scroll on Instagram without really perceiving anything. This gives my emotional brain no chance to unwind and relax. I am now slowly trying to change this by writing down my “magic moments” before I go to sleep: moments when my heart speaks. Hoping that it will increase. Max Storm will ask 10 questions that he probably wants your heart to answer: I'm very curious about that!"


The Secret to Finding your Life's Purpose // Hector Ramos
9.00 - 10.30, De Duif
"This session is also focused on reconnecting with your heart. As my ratio often wins, I like to give more attention to my heart this weekend. I have also attended a lesson from Hector Ramos through The House of Yoga, so I am very curious about his wisdom talk."

The Sky Like Mind // Whit Hornsberger
11.00 - 12.30, Zuiderkerk 
"A meditation and yoga class with a Buddhist background. I use Headspace every day to meditate and Whit often talks about this too. If your thoughts take you along in a repetitive pattern, like ‘I really have to finish of that guide today' then you can look at them from a distance and see that such a thought is only a small cloud in the whole sky, which gives room to view my thoughts again with more compassion. I look forward to exploring this more in this session."

Feeding your Demons // Lama Tsultrim Allione
13 - 14.30, De Duif 
"This seems intense to me but I find the principle of allowing to feel/experience your demons instead of fighting against them to be very interesting and learn more about it."

Closing Inner Peace // Tijn Touber
18.00- 19.00, De Duif
"Two years ago I also followed a talk and meditation of Tijn Touber during the Inner Peace Conference and I became so calm and relaxed that I like to end the conference that way."


Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.