What is Healing Yoga?

What is healing yoga?

Kevin Sahaj is a dedicated yoga practitioner who has been studying and practicing yoga for 30 years. His approach to teaching is eclectic and draws from many different methods and teachings to help students align their lives towards awakening. His focus is to offer the right method for the individual according to their needs and aspirations. At the conference he will share his teachings on Healing Yoga.

The word "healing" means different things to different people. For some it might be helping heal a body injury or illness, for others it could be balancing an emotional or mental problem. Also the word "yoga" means different things depending on the person. For some people yoga is more about physical fitness, or relaxation and for some it is a spiritual practice.

To call a system of yoga "healing yoga" means that our body, emotions and mind must be included and integrated into the practices to address the essential point of healing. Actually yoga and healing are really different ways of saying the same thing: to reconnect to the true source of healing for harmony and balance.

This true source of healing is always with us and it can be accessed with a deep connection to our body, energy and mind. When we make this connection the healing happens by itself. Actually we are amazing in that as soon as we simply make a connection to our body, breath and mind everything falls into a harmonious balance. Our essential nature is always whole and never needs healing. We just have to connect to this deep part of our being and we feel "healed".

Healing yoga is a series of practices synthesized from Tibetan Yoga, Chinese Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, Tibetan medicine and Ayurveda. I have spent my whole life studying various systems of healing and yoga and have compiled, sequenced and created these practices based on my understanding of how they integrate and balance each other. The practice is simple and easy to learn, anyone regardless of age and experience can benefit by following this method.

Essentially healing yoga works more on the energetic level so it is more subtle. To access healing we need to work with the pranic energies in the body in relation to our life in the external world. If we can facilitate the harmonious flow of energy in our body, we start to heal physical, emotional and mental disturbances and find a meaningful and creative outer and inner life.


Join Kevin Sahaj at the Inner Peace Conference on Saturday and experience the power of Healing Yoga

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