Celebrating the Empowered feminine

Dear ticket holders,

Thank you for your enthusiasm to celebrate the feminine in both men and women with us; to come back to who we truly are.

We are postponing our celebration based on the new guidelines of RIVM. We are trying our best to find a new date. Your tickets will be valid for this new date which we will announce as soon as possible.

The feminine is more needed than ever.
We are invited to take care of ourselves and one another. Not only our bodies need nurturing foods with vitamins and basic hygiene, but also our minds and souls need nourishment. What information do you feed yourself with? Is fear or love the foundation of your life? Our own patterns and thoughts co-create our reality, so maybe this phase of slowing down and reflecting in a Yin energy can bring us to new heights...

We feel this situation is asking us to look at our current ways of living and redesign how we want to work, live and co-create our lives. It invites us to move beyond our individual interest, to rise as a community and support each other.

We hope to come together soon and will communicate the new date as soon as possible.

Take good care.

With Love,
The Inner Peace Network Team

March 27th
De duif


It's time for the masculine
to dance with the feminine again.
So, let's welcome
the empowered feminine
and celebrate it together!

Welcome to an evening about celebrating the empowered feminine in both men and women. An evening in which Kristin Vikjord Patternotte will share insights and tools from her own life as a yogi and experience as a certified psychologist - and shares from her new book Inner Spark.

After this experiential lecture, DJ Emanuelle, who is definitely amongst one of the most radiant DJ's from Amsterdam, shares her talent for music. Enjoy a wondrous session of intuitive dancing and let that feminine energy move you on the dancefloor!

Expect a warm bath of feminine energy with efficient tools on how to reignite your inner spark by Kristin Vikjord, and tune into your feminine energy through intuitive dancing with live music by Dj Emanuelle. Kristin will share some important turning points in her life and journey of self-discovery. She will share essential steps on how to revive your own inner spark, based on psychological mechanisms and recent research.

Together, we will explore how to honour our own process and truth to find radical freedom. Of course, it all starts with experiencing it yourself! So, Kristin will guide you through some practices such as meditation and reflective dyads for an integrated experience. DJ Emanuelle Vos will hit the floor and share her great taste for music. Let yourself be guided to dance intuitively — awaken the feminine energy and integrate what we have learned from Kristin.

Doors open - to mingle wih each other and the sacred space. There will be a home made brew, specially created for this event by herbalist Emanuelle and Kristin's book Inner Spark can be purchased.

Experiental Session with Kristin

Intuitive Dancing with DJ Emanuelle

End - after we close the celebration together

Will you be celebrating with us?

To regain our inner spark
the first person we need to build
a strong and healthy
relationship with,
is ourselves.

Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

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