Annette Knopp

With 30 years of exploration, Annette Knopp is a seasoned guide that will take you on an adventure in the realm of consciousness. She is a skilled meditation teacher that loves to help others navigate their inner landscape.

With 30 years of exploration, Annette Knopp is seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness. As a counselor, meditation teacher, and shamanic practitioner, she supports and mentors clients from all over the world in their unique journeys of awakening, transformation and healing.

Favoring an integrative approach to spiritual awakening, Annette draws from a rich background of studies and practices in Indo-Tibetan meditation, Hindu Vedanta, and cutting-edge Western psycho-spiritual integration. She is a certified DARE-practitioner (somatic approach to heal relational trauma), a full mesa carrier in a Shamanic lineage of the Peruvian Andes, an ordained Wisdom Keeper, and has been trained as a Yoga teacher in various traditions. Together with her husband Stephan Rechtschaffen, Annette opened the Blue Spirit Retreat Center, in Nosara, Costa Rica, in 2009.

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If you are fortunate enough to work with Annette, you will discover a masterful guide who brings a deep and steady state of loving Presence to her work with clients. She is also a skilled practitioner who knows how to help others navigate the inner landscape.

Peggy McAllister, Executive Coach, US