James Wallman

James Wallman will help you focus on what is truly important in life, and what isn’t. His books on uncluttering your life from too much stuff and how to spend time will change how you view happiness.

James Wallman is a journalist, trend forecaster, speaker, and author. He has written for GQ, the New York Times, the FT, and advised clients such as Absolut, BMW and Nike. James wrote the futurology column in T3 magazine and was the editor of The Future Laboratory's forecasting publication. He currently lives in London with his wife and children. 

James runs a strategy & futures consultancy called The Future Is Here.

With a network of researchers, writers, and designers on six continents, we provide inspiring, directional, strategic advice to businesses including KPMG, HSBC, KFC, Barclays, Qualtrics, Richemont, Workfront, Yell, and Vodafone.

He wrote a bestselling book about what he believes is one of the most important cultural trends of the 21st century.  It is called Stuffocation. It is a top-10 Amazon bestseller: it reached #4 on Amazon in the UK. It is almost but not quite a Sunday Times bestseller: it reached #11 but they only print up to 10. Stuffocation is published by Penguin worldwide, and by Spiegel & Grau in the US. It is also published in other languages, including Polish, Czech, Thai, Turkish, Korean, and Chinese.

His book will be called Time and How To Spend It. It will be published in April 2019 by a Penguin Random House imprint, created in collaboration with Richard Branson, called Virgin Books.

More about James

With a sociologist's eye and a storyteller's ear, James Wallman takes us on a tour... he identifies the rise of a new value system among those who are consciously replacing materialism with what he rightly calls experientialism. Spot on.

B. Joseph Pine