Janosh is an artist, visionary and medium. His work is based on reaching people and inspiring them to achieve a higher consciousness. He does this with beautiful geometrical art. But also with books, sessions, workshops, training and retreats.

Fifteen years ago when his spiritual side was awakened in a group mediation, Janosh began to see all sorts of images in his dreams and meditation. Beautiful, geometrical images in different colours, which he calls ‘codes’. With his background as a graphic designer he was able to perfectly reproduce these images on his computer. During the creative process, which he experiences in a deep trance, he receives all the information on the meaning of each code and how it can help us in our spiritual growth.

When people stare at Janosh’s codes for some time, they feel that something changes within. In the Janosh’s activations (active meditation) it actually goes much further and you are able to go into a deep trance. You watch how the codes are built up layer by layer, accompanied by special music. This combination is what Janosh calls ‘an activation’: an active meditation that ‘awakens’ the subconscious.

Janosh has inspired thousands of people all over the world and helped them to find their essence and inner power.

Several highlights were his presentations in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht (NL), The Flint Theatre in Amersfoort (NL), a tour through 15 countries (including America, Canada, Russia, Australia and Brazil). Expeditions to Siberia and being a guest speaker twice at the United Nations In New York.


Project inner.space

Inner.space is an innovative platform for spiritual development. Ancient wisdom and new technologies come together in basic tools and techniques, which facilitate your personal growth.

Inner.space offers next level meditations, accompanied by geometrical images and cosmic sounds. We also offer online courses, workshops, items and live events, all of which can contribute to the fine tuning of your personal perception and the growth of your consciousness. For all inhabitants of this planet, free from dogma, all for freedom.

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