Juno Burger

As a young child Juno was already aware of the subtle energies around him. He now studies these energies, and teaches people his findings in personal healing and energy work.

Juno life motto ‘Let It Be’ refers directly to the paradox of the compassionate heart. What happens if you consciously end any story and fully live with what presents in each moment.

As a young child Juno was already aware of subtle energies in and around him. Not having the context or education to successfully deal with this input he closed down as a survival strategy and detoured his life on a path of unsatisfactory career making in advertising. In his late twenties, he started studying different forms of personal healing and energy work. Later on he came to see that including the subtle energies of spaces people live and work in is a fundamental step in restoring balance and harmony. He then met Eric Dowsett, the founder of Energy Clearing, who took him on in a classic master-apprentice relationship.

Over a period of more than 22  years Juno has studied and lived a path of awareness and compassion. He specializes in the dynamics of the energetic interaction between people and spaces. For 5 years now he publishes monthly blogs under the name “the paradox of the compassionate heart’ sharing his simple, yet profound message of noticing and letting be. 

Juno is a typical auto didactic. Through exploration and self-discovery he maps out his findings and experiences of an ever unfolding approach to life he calls RealEase. Inspired by Life itself and embracing all of it in its beauty, rawness, and diversity, Juno has discovered many valuable insights he shares in consults and workshops around the globe.

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"Life is not what you make it, it is what you are made of."

Juno Burger