Kristin Vikjord

Growing up in nature, Kristin was drawn early into meditative contemplation. She now uses her knowledge as a psychologist, yogi and writer to help her clients and students living a better and healthier life.

Every day is a gift. Its promises however, are ours to fulfil.
– Kristin Skotnes Vikjord

Kristin Skotnes Vikjord was born In 1981 in Bodø, Norway. Growing up in nature, Kristin was early drawn into meditative contemplation. This natural curiosity in life, being a human, and more led her to studying psychology. Kristin started yoga and meditation practice at the same moment.

Clinical Psychologist, mindfulness teacher and yogini, Kristin has been practicing meditation and yoga for 13 years. The yogi path and the training in clinical psychology has been intervowen in Kristins education, thus applying the practices from insight traditions (like mindfulness and compassionate approaches) together with the knowledge of psychology has been a natural combination. Kristin has spent the last decade applying Mindful Yoga for mental health, as body oriented psychotherapy, together with other evidence based mindfulness interventions in clinical settings. Kristin facilitates processes to engage, creating a warming and compassionate environment, focusing on the individual experience.

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